A new website for Ligula.se

After almost two weeks of vacation, I am now back at the office and I am working with the new website which went live in early July. Having had various websites (a website for almost every brand) my employer, Ligula Hospitality Group, finally decided to collect all the brands under one umbrella on Ligula.se. It is a big project (that includes about 30 plus hotels and restaurants), but I have had the great fortune to have had a very hardworking and talented team around me. It makes work so much funnier! 🙂

Unlike before, all the pages I am responsible for is now gathered on only one platform (one log in, one tool, one media bank, etc). In other words – I can see the “light in the tunnel”! This will be a great fall!

The new page I am working on, www.ligula.se

The new page I am working on, www.ligula.se

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