iPhone or Samsung?

Jag och min Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Me and my Galaxy Note 8.

For a long, long time I could not make up my mind between iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I found advantages and disadvantages with both. In the end, the Samsung won.

The biggest reason why I finally chose the Samsung was that I am super irritated over the shared headphone and charging jack on the iPhone, which forces you to also buy (because they are NOT included) Apple’s latest wireless headphones for over SEK 1000. Alternatively, you can use the weird headphone converter, which seems to have a very short life span. I do not want to mess with a stupid converter or use wireless headphones (because then one also have to remember to keep the bloody headphones charged as well), and I want to be able to both listen to music (Spotify subscriber) and watch movies (Netflix subscriber), at the same time as I am charging the phone!

Another major factor that made the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 win in my little competition, was the cute little pen that comes with, and the drawing app. I’m in love!!! – Is it ok to fall in love with my cellphone?  🙂 My old passion for old, classic drawing is revived! The pen is absolutely wonderful. The free app “ArtCanvas” is super. What makes it even more wonderful is that you can make gif animations – draw and write things that become animations. And I fell in love even more!

A really nice app

Even a little better, regarding making your own illustrations via the mobile, is the app “SketchBook for Galaxy”. I am testing it for free right now and will probably buy the app when the trial period is over. Using this app, you can work with layers – as in Photoshop. I love that!

The Camera

Don’t get me started on the camera! The Galaxy Note 8 camera takes really good photographs, which I experienced when visiting a hotel via my job and got great photos (without pro lighting) of rooms and other areas of the hotel. Also the phots you take fills out the entire screen (the iPhone does not have this option). I am not alone in discovering this, it seems, since DxOMark gives the Samsung Galaxy Note 8  double camera very nice reviews (from article in Mobil.se 21/1-18, http://www.mobil.se/nyheter/galaxy-note-8-har-b-sta-zoom-kameran-p-marknaden)

Illustrations & gif animation

Here are a few samples of illustrations and gif animations I have created.


A self-portrait I made via my phone, using the mobile’s attached pen and the app “SketchBook for Galaxy”.



A gif animation I created with my phone, using the mobile’s attached pen.


My dog Stella, portrayed using my mobile.

Mitt Elvis-porträtt

My Elvis portrait.


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