Marketing review trip

Bild på hotellrum från Good Morning+ Helsingborg

Fotograferad med min fina Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Bild på hotellrum från Good Morning+ Helsingborg.  |   Photo taken with my very nice Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Right now, I’m doing a “marketing review trip” along with some colleagues. A trip that will take us to 32 hotels, 4 hotel brands and 17 destinations (in Sweden and Denmark).

Apart from many nice visits and rewarding meetings, our marketing review trip (2017 – 2018) includes that we are to check out everything at each hotel, from various information on site, to the website, social media and much more. We let the hotels know what kind of help / assistance they can get from the marketing and eCommerce department (where I work), what channels we work with. While visiting the hotel we also get the opportunity to actually see how our earlier ideas and solutions work on site, plus get ideas for new solutions based on the needs of the hotels. Based on these experiences, we hope to develop clear guidelines for each hotel chain.

Having been most involved in the creation of a new website for all hotels and restaurants, where I have selected photos, written copy etc. (various content work, ie) – it has been a very rewarding experience to see the actual places I have tried so hard to describe. Of course, I have also photographed a lot, as well as taken notes of my experiences, solutions and ideas from experiencing everything first hand.

Our trip started after the summer of 2017 and will be done in April 2018. Next week I am going to Gothenburg, Mölndal and Vänersborg together with my colleagues, where we will visit Hotel Opera, Good Morning Mölndal and Ronnums Herrgård.

And since I LOVE traveling, I am of course looking forward to this trip as well!

Selfie från mitt rum på fina Calmar Stadshotel

Selfie från mitt rum på fina Calmar Stadshotell, feb. 2018.   |   A Selfie from my very nice room at wonderful Calmar City Hotel.

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