I looooove books!

Almost three months ago I left the hotel and restaurant business completely to return to the wonderful world of books!

Mid-February, after a lovely Caribbean cruise and before everything with the Corona virus got really serious, I started a new employment at Pocket Shop’s marketing department. It feels absolutely great! Since I happen to love books with all my heart – and paper backs extra much – I am as happy as can be.

A bunch of years ago, when I was trying to make it as a musician, I worked extra at Pocket Shop now and then to make ends meet. I worked in the bookstores at that time, and I remember I applied for the job because I both liked the Pocket Shop atmosphere and their wide selection of English titles. I have always preferred to read books by English authors in the original language, instead of the Swedish translations. No matter how good the translator is, it is just impossible to get everything across in a translation. Since then, I have learned a lot more – both through education and my work experience in marketing.

I did get off to a strange start though, with the Covid-19 spreading at the same time as I started my new job. But apart from the strange times we are going through right now, I am thrilled about my new job. Books are, after all, one of the most fun things in the world!

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