Below you will find YouTube links to films that I have been involved in somehow. Some films are edited by me; out of material I have created myself or from various materials gathered from artists’ performances, interviews, photo sessions, and etcetera. Some projects have had larger budgets, which have allowed a film production company to be engaged.

The short films / animations without sound are made for Hertz Digital Signage (they are made without sound so they won’t disturb the operation at the rental locations).

The film about Hertz Supercars and Mercure Hotels pet concept have had bigger budgets and are made by external film production companies, but they are products / services I helped to launch.

I have also done a few internal films for companies, introducing a new organizational form for all employees, recaps of the organization’s activities and so on – but since they have been created for internal use only it is not fit to show them here.


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