WhiteHouse_1046x490I have had some international experience over the years. Apart from the fact that I have my father and siblings in the States and also have lived there during different periods in my life, I was a  singer in a pop /glam band that were licensed out to countries across the world (through our Swedish label MNW Records).

To help promote our music, I created a CD rom presentation as an extra track to our promo CD. This helped, apart from our great music of course 😉 to give us a record deal with one of the major labels in the States – where we also lived from time to time (Los Angeles mostly). I also created shorter promo films with material from our different tours. Besides the States, our music was licensed to record labels in Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and others) and Germany as well, which resulted in many exciting trips.

In Germany, we participated in a youth movie (“Das erste semester”), plus one of our songs was included on the soundtrack of the American cult movie “Hackers” (Hackers also happens to star Angelina Jolie in one of her first movie roles).

A few years later, in 2001, I was blessed with a little son, decided to leave the music business and return to school to expand my knowledge in graphic design and marketing at Stockholm University (2 years). I was hired at Hertz’ marketing department directly after.

Later, working for international companies, I have had great use of my earlier, international experience. At Hertz I had the opportunity to work with projects together with marketing colleagues from the Nordic countries, the European headquarters in the UK and the international headquarters in the US. At Norse Hotels Scandinavia I worked together with the the ecommerce team at the European headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

Here are a few YouTube videos from my previous music career:

From Swedish television, TV2, performing with Plastico’s song
“Educate the Fool”.

Film I cut together from perfomances and interviews and more from
Plastico’s Asian tour in 1996.

Plastico’s song “Communicate”, one of the soundtracks to the American
cult movie “Hackers”.


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