Portfolio (Eng)

Under portfolio are a few examples of previous jobs and assignments. Here you will find screen dumps of websites and landing pages I have created, various print, illustrations, films, photos and more.

My portfolio is divided as follows: 

  • Mixed image examples‎ > Pictures from different jobs, of different publications and websites, roll-ups, etc.
  • Photo ProductsPhotographs I’ve taken of products / services, such as vans, food and wine, dog concept, and more. I am not a professional photographer, but rather an amateur who loves pictures. What I lack behind the camera, I try to make up in Photoshop.
  • Photo artists / groups > Photographs I’ve taken of artists / groups (for label Starlab).
  • Film > YouTube links to various short films / animations – some edited by me and others (with bigger budgets) made by professional film production  teams.
  • Illustrations> I also love to draw/ illustrate, both with pen and paper and with tools like Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • More music / artists > Here are photo examples of different artist sites (WordPress) and album covers I’ve created.
  • Photo series #naturensunder > The spring and summer of 2015, I had a little extra time for walking and philosophizing and was struck by the beauty of nature, which resulted in a lot of photographies of flowers and beautiful views (both with mobile camera and my Nikon).


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